Building & Planning


The Community Development Department assists citizens in the development of property in a safe and sustainable way.  To do this the Department reviews all projects for consistency with the City Council’s policies and vision as outlined in the City Code and the 2015 Comprehensive Plan.

The Department is responsible for the issuance of building and development permits found to be consistent with current building, zoning, subdivision, and other land use codes.

The Department has three main roles:

Building Plan Review & Inspection – Protecting the health and safety of the community through the review of the most current building codes.  The Department reviews building plans and performs ongoing inspections during construction.

Current Planning – The review of land use permits and site plans, as well as responding to customer inquiries.

Long-Range Planning – Planning for the long-term needs of the community over the next 20 years and beyond. These needs are then used to develop financing and construction strategies for the public infrastructure and projects needed to ensure a robust and vibrant economy.

The Department works hard to improve Othello’s quality of life by ensuring developments are functional and attractive while protecting local natural resources and the City’s small town feel.

Building Permit Reports

Land Use Notices

Maps, Documents, and Forms

Planning Commission

The department is guided by the five (5) member board known as the Planning Commission .

The role of the Planning Commission is to review staff analysis and to provide recommendations to the City Council on proposed (or requested) land-use policies and related code changes.

The Commission also works with staff to guide long-range planning efforts and to take community input before recommendations are given to the Council.

Each of the five commissioners is appointed by the Mayor to a six-year term.

Meeting Times

Third Monday of each month

6:00 pm at City Hall Council Chambers (500 E. Main Street)

Hearings are advertised in the paper and notices/agendas are posted in the lobby of City Hall. Please check with staff to confirm dates and times. Commission meetings can be cancelled if there are no agenda items to discuss.

Hearing Examiner

The City uses a Hearing Examiner to review Type III land use applications.  These include subdivisions, conditional use permits, and variances.

Land use hearings before the examiner are scheduled on an as-needed basis.  Hearings can be held during the day or in the evenings depending on the availability of the applicant, City or examiner.

Hearing dates and times will be advertised in the paper and notice will be posted in the lobby of City Hall.  Hearing notices will also be posted on the site of a proposed development.

Hearings will occur in the Council Chamber at City Hall located at 500 E. Main Street.

Contact Information:

Anne Henning

Community Development Director





Jackee Carlson

Building & Planning Secretary

Permit Tech



Tim Unruh

Certified Building Inspector

Plans Examiner

509-488-5686 Ext 113