Housing Action Plan


Othello is one of the fastest growing communities in the area, but there is a shortage of available and affordable housing. Rental vacancy rates are very low, sale prices have risen dramatically over the past two decades, and existing units are overcrowded.

The community requires innovative strategies and strong public will to create enough housing options to meet the community need. Existing policy tools to encourage building and maintaining housing are no longer enough, and without an active response, the housing affordability crisis will increasingly burden our residents.

The City of Othello received a grant from the Washington State Department of Commerce to create a Housing Action Plan. The plan will identify strategies, actions, and policy tools to generate additional housing, and will focus on four important questions:

  • How much additional housing will be necessary to meet the diverse needs of Othello’s current and future residents?
  • How effective are the City’s current policies at ensuring adequate housing options?
  • How can the City, residents, and businesses work together to improve Othello’s housing options?
  • What are Othello residents’ preferred strategies for increasing affordable housing?

The Washington Department of Commerce awarded the City of Othello a grant to hire a consultant to prepare a Housing Action Plan. This Plan will help us work on our housing supply and affordability issues.

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  • Presentation at the City Council meeting Sept. 26, 2020
  • Survey mid-Oct. to Nov. 6, 2020
  • Draft Housing Needs Assessment & Policy Review were released Oct. 2020
  • Final Housing Needs Assessment Report Nov. 2020
  • Final Housing Policy Review Nov. 2020
  • Draft Housing Action Plan for review April 2021
  • City and community review Spring/Summer 2021
  • City Council introduction to Draft Plan May 10
  • Planning Commission introduction to Draft Plan May 17
  • Planning Commission/City Council joint study session on Draft Plan May 24
  • City Council further discussion June 7
  • Planning Commission Public Hearing June 21
  • City Council Public Hearing June 28
  • Adopt Housing Action Plan Summer 2021

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Contact: Anne Henning, Community Development Director, ahenning@othellowa.gov, 509-331-2710, 500 E. Main Street, Othello, WA  99344