Othello Little League



Othello Little League Season   

Ages 4-12




Othello Little League is an opportunity to play tee ball, baseball or softball! The game is played between two teams, each consisting of 9 players on a field with four bases laid out in the shape of a diamond. This is a chance to learn new athletic skills and create a bond with new friends! This is the ONLY season the City of Othello offers, so sign up today! The season will tentatively kick off with an Opening Day Parade on May 4th! The anticipated end date will be mid-June. Game days to be determined by age division, start time will be 5PM.

*If you live outside of the Othello Little League map boundaries (example: Moses Lake) please select "HOME" as a method of address verification and be sure to accept the privacy policy at the top of the registration along with the terms and conditions at the bottom of the registration page. At this time, your child will not qualify to be drafted for the year-end All-Star team. They will only be allowed to participate in regular-season games. 




  Other opportunities include:  

  Volunteer Coaching  

  Paid Umpires