Building & Planning


The Inspection Services Division is responsible for processing building permit applications, conducting inspections of work permitted, and monitoring construction projects within the city to ensure they meet the quality and safety standards as required by the Washington State Building Code.  The Department works hard to improve Othello’s quality of life by ensuring developments are functional and attractive while protecting local natural resources and the City’s small town feel.

The Department has three main roles:

Building Plan Review & Inspection – Protecting the health and safety of the community through the review of the most current building codes.  The Department reviews building plans and performs ongoing inspections during construction.

Current Planning – The review of land use permits and site plans, as well as responding to customer inquiries.

Long-Range Planning – Planning for the long-term needs of the community over the next 20 years and beyond. These needs are then used to develop financing and construction strategies for the public infrastructure and projects needed to ensure a robust and vibrant economy.

Zoning and Comprehensive Plan Update

See the recent history of updates to the Comprehensive Plan and Zoning here.



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