Multi-Family Tax Exemption Program

The City has adopted a Multi-Family Tax Exemption (MFTE) Program. MFTE gives a 12-year property tax exemption for new (or rehabilitated) multi-family units in certain circumstances:

  • Add at least 4 units
  • Within a designated target area
  • Set aside at least 20% of the units for low- and moderate-income households

The purpose of the MFTE program is to encourage more multi-family development in Othello. Like many areas of the state and country, we have a housing shortage. The Multi-Family Property Tax Exemption is incentive to encourage construction of new units in Othello.

The ordinance was reviewed and recommended by the Planning Commission Dec. 19. The City Council held a public hearing Jan. 9 and continued action to Jan. 23, where they adopted the ordinance.


More Information

Contact the Building & Planning Department.