City Hall
500 E. Main St

Finance Officer
Spencer Williams
Fax: 509-488-0102
Deputy Finance Officer
Jackee Carlson
Utility Billing Clerk
Bonnie Valdez
Finance Clerk
Trisha Tolley


The role of the Finance Department is to present sound financial information to the City Council, Mayor, Management, and to the citizens of Othello.  This information will help Council make informed decisions to improve the quality of the City, making it a more desirable community in which to live.  This improvement is afforded through the combined efforts of the Public Works, Police, City Clerk, Building & Planning, IT, and Recreation Departments.  The Finance Department works to pool our efforts to promote the efficient and effective use of public resources within these departments and for the City as a whole.

Specifically, the Finance Department is responsible for:

  • Annual budget
  • Financial records
  • Annual financial report
  • Utility Billing
  • Accounts Payable
  • Payroll
  • Investments

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Annual Budget: