Comprehensive Plan & Zoning Updates

New Zoning Code, Zoning Map, and Comprehensive Plan Map Adopted

The Planning Commission started working on the Zoning Code and Zoning Map in July 2017.

On Feb. 10, 2020, the Council adopted the new code and maps, which are:

  • Easier to use
  • Easier to understand
  • Better match for how land is actually used
  • Better planning for the future


  • July 2017  to Jan. 2020: The Planning Commission spent most of their monthly meetings reviewing updates to the zoning code and maps and addressing issues raised by the City Council.
  • June 2019: Planning Commission public hearing and recommendation to City Council on changes to zoning.
  • July & Sept 2019: Planning Commission/City Council joint study sessions to present the Commission's recommendations to the Council.
  • Nov 2019: First City Council public hearing on zoning changes. The hearing was continued multiple times to allow various issues to be addressed.
  • Feb 2020: The public hearing was closed and Council voted to adopt the changes.

There were a total of 32 public meetings on the Zoning Update from 2017 to 2020. See the history in the final agenda memo for the City Council.

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