Surplus Sale

It's that time of year! The City has gone through their inventory and set aside surplus items that will be for sale at our Silent Auction. Join us on Thursday, May 26, 2022 at the Mow Shop next to the Fire Station located at 76 W. Larch to bid on the items below.

Viewing will be held from 11:00 AM to 12:00 PM and bidding will be from 12:00 PM to 2:00 PM. NO BIDS WILL BE ACCEPTED AFTER 2:00 PM. **CASH ONLY** - All items are "as is, no warranty".

Office EquipmentFour (4) Drawer File Cabinet

Dell Optiplex 30203r9qs52

Dell Optiplex 3020by2zm52

Dell Optiplex 7040d5c0ch2

Apple IPad dmpm30y5fk10md785II/a

Panasonic Plasma TVla01970139tc-p50c2

Panasonic Plasma TVlb02390718tc-p50c2

Dell Tablet Portable Computerppd-qca5234

Locktek Dual Monitor Desk Mount

ViewSonic 27" Monitort8g144560313Vs14818

6 Screen Monitor Holder

Monitor Armdj1810094ma100md

Panasonic Backpack

Belkin Projector Bag

Advantec Large Format Printer AIOksa1009533ppc6120ra1401e-t

Dell 24" Monitorcn-014k0n-74445-08a-bdaug2410t

Dell 22" Monitorcn-0dhnvj-72872-517-cjcie2215hvf

Accer 27" Monitor34001050385g276hl

Accer 27" Monitor74103411385g276hl

Dell 24" Monitorcn-0u334k-74445-95j-bqrug2410t

ViewSonic 24" Monitors4z131241044vs13518

ViewSonic 24" Monitors4z124447274vs13518

Four (4) Wireless Keyboard and Mice Sets

Panasonic Laptop5btsa90400-ycf-53

Panasonic Laptop5btsa90405-ycf-53

Panasonic Laptop6gta73840-ycf-53

Notebook Laptop204358990012gl30

Dell PC3svqs52Optiplex3020


Boxing Gloves

Pistol Holster

Men's Belt

3 Music CD's

1 Pair Ear Buds

1 Pair Ear Buds

Vehicles3012001Ford F250 3/4 Ton 4-Door Truck - White3FTNW21121MA51815/28754D

1042004Ford Crown Vic 4-Door Sedan - White2FAFP71W44X170764/34741D

Patrol Car2010Chevy Impala2G1WD5EM5A1193087

2006Nissan Altima Sedan1N4AL11D96N434311

2013Chrysler 2001C3CCBBG9DN532015
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