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Utility Biller
Bonnie Valdez
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Utility Billing

We take our responsibility seriously to provide water, sewer & garbage services to the citizens of Othello.



Water is billed in 100-cubic-foot units.  If the consumption on your bill is 1, it means that actual usage was 100 cubic feet or 748 gallons. Water charges consist of two parts: a “Basic Water Fee” of $35.53 for a 1” or smaller meter is charged whenever the meter is on during a billing period. Actual water usage is charged as “Consumption”. The more water used, the higher this charge will be.  A user requesting new water service after the sixteenth of the month, or discontinuance of an existing service prior to the fifteenth of the month, shall be billed for a full month’s basic water fee based on the applicable “Monthly Service Charge” and “Water Use” schedules.

Meters being turned off for extended periods of time, such as lawn meters and meters of persons leaving for the winter, will be charged $15 to turn the meter off and $15 to turn it back on when needed again.


Residential sewer is charged at a rate of $45.49 for one home.  If the home has multiple residential units, such as a duplex or triplex, the first unit is charged at a rate of $45.49 and all other units are charged at a rate of $42.82 each.


Garbage service is provided once a week for residential customers.  Most customers will have a 95-gallon toter at a cost of $18.33 per month.  If you have an alley, toters will be placed in the alley.  If you don’t have an alley, toters must be placed on the street in front of your home on collection day, then moved back to the home.  Toters in Othello are serviced on Wednesdays and Fridays. Toters must be in place for service by 7:00 AM on your scheduled pick-up day or the night before . If you are unable to get your toters in the correct location by 7:00 AM, toters can be set out the night before so that they are available for pickup.

You will be charged extra if the toter is overfilled to the point that the lid is open more than a 45-degree angle.  If weekly service is not sufficient for your garbage needs, you may request additional toters.  Larger containers are available for temporary use. Cost will be according to size and frequency of pick-up.


The utility billing period is from the 16th of one month to the 15th of the next month.  Meters are read on the 15th and bills are mailed out the last working day of the month.  Bills are due by the 10th of the month.  Bills can be paid in person at City Hall or mailed in the return envelope provided with your bill.  There is also a drop box across from the front doors of City Hall for checks or money orders.  Online options include using your bank’s online bill-pay service or by going to www.xpressbillpay.com to pay by credit card.  You may also call City Hall to pay by credit card.

If an account has a two-month balance and is not paid by the 10th, a disconnection notice will be mailed to you on the first working day after the 10th. A late fee of $20 will be charged to your account.  If the bill remains unpaid after seven days, the water will be turned off and sewer and garbage services stopped.  After that, the entire amount due must be paid plus a $40 fee before the utility services are restored.

In addition, if Public Works is called out after 3:30 pm Monday through Friday or on weekends or holidays for a nonemergency situation, a $75 fee will be charged on your next bill.



Utility Rates:




Utility information for the City of Othello

Utility Service provider/website link Telephone
Electricity                              Avista                       1-800-227-9187
Electricity Big Bend Electric 1-866-844-2363
Gas                                                         Cascade Natural Gas                                                                         1-800-552-0615
Phone Centurylink 1-800-244-1111
Cable Northland Cable 509-765-6151